Monday, 16 October 2017

Full set Kinder Surprise Barbie 2016

Hey everyone! I have yet another new thing to show you. Remember how a while ago I found a tiny Barbie in a Kinder Surprise egg and repainted it? Since then I became obsessed with finding more, preferably the whole series! I had so much fun with that custom and I love miniatures in general. There are tons of reviews about these, many in the unboxing video format that is a lot more exciting, but since mine will all be getting makeovers, I feel a "before" presentation is in order.

Monday, 9 October 2017

MMGirl dolls Rose and Mandy by Fortune Days (Debisheng Ltd)

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, I was checking some doll stores on Aliexpress and something caught my attention in the "Recommended" section - beautiful articulated dolls with intricate outfits that to me looked a lot like J-dolls. Unless this is your first time on my page (in which case, hi!), you'll know J-dolls are my absolute favourite dolls and anything remotely similar to them is welcome in my collection. I was going to get a couple more Xinyi dolls - they make boys now too! - but these new dolls got me intrigued and I found no reviews about them at the time. Plus, they came with full outfits, while Xinyi are nude. Curiosity won and I picked two of the dressed dolls, which I'll review today.